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Higher Self vs. Lower Self


Tapping into your Higher self is the first step toward living more spiritually. Throughout life, your Higher self (the part of you that is calm, collected and connected to something bigger) is in constant competition with your Lower self (the anxious, ego-driven part of you that often resorts to worry and anxiety).  

Taking a moment to connect to your Higher self will help you feel centered in your spirituality and will guide you through life’s challenges with ease and grace. But how do you know if your Higher self is really in charge?

One way is to ask yourself if you’re behaving like an eagle or a duck. When faced with a challenge, ducks feel powerless, act like victims and are quick and reactive, while eagles feel empowered, resourceful and capable of surmounting any obstacle. If you find yourself sinking into your Lower self, acknowledge what’s happening and make a decision to tap into your Higher self. Simply making the choice to connect to the strong, calm, and wise part of you is often all it takes to begin to live life as the best person you can be. The ability to live more spiritually will follow.

Posted: 3/2/24

Author: Julian Caden
Topic: Pregnant at 52 after reunion love spell
-My marriage was falling almost dead due to a bit argument, depression, feelingless and numbed attitudes of my Hubby, he preferred being silent so as to hurt me.
-Although there’re days he has been fine and good to me, we cook, eat and do things together, but we still like stepping on a dozen of eggs, we were not at ease as like before when our marriage was still in an excellent shape. Most times after saying some hurtful words to me like; I cannot bear his children anymore cos of my age. He says sorry and apologize cos he knows that he’s acting passive, numbed and feelingless to me and frustration hits him back again and again.
-I truly love my Hubby and feels guilty of our misfortune, I have always wanted to trace back my wrongs and make some amendments so we can live as a happy family with our children by our side. I was tired of seeing him hurt inside.
-He eventually served me with a divorce letter after 18 years of our blessed marriage. His reason was that we could never work things out together again, I couldn’t bear his children, shutting him off to be involved in my life and affairs, he feels numbed when he thinks of those circumstances.
-I was deeply hurt before consulting Dr. Wakina Love Temple, even though I tried day by day to adjust to the woman of his choice but he didn’t see my efforts.
-At the end, I was put in a better position with my Hubby by Dr. Wakina love spell via his email dr.wakinalovetemple@gmail.com. I’m 7 months pregnant already at 52. It’s a magical work of Dr. Wakina that restored our dream.


For a very long time I had low self esteem and no confidence in my self some how age started to make me see I had control of making a difference inside of my self by allowing God to guide me and realizing I have the only path as we all do to walk and know that we are very unique as the Lord created us and have the love and compassion and the encouragment to know we are all special in His sight and the more we all strive to be more like Christ I believe the more we all will see that there is no reason to have low self-esteem or no confidence for we have the Lord who is ever beside us and walks with us..and who better then our Lord who gives us strength to live in a world with our heads held high for we are all special in His sight..THANKYOU LORD...Lynn Anthes

  • By lynn24
  • on 1/29/10 11:04 AM EST

Spiritually, I feel that I am very weak, mostly when I am tempted. Due to lack of strong spiritual foundation in my life, I easily fall into temptation like drinking and smoking despite my position in the church. Also, due to my way of life I find it very difficult to search the word or pray.
I wil be very grateful if your organization will develop me to achieve spiritual upliftment.


Sometimes my duck has to ask my eagle for help and she is always willing to! My eagle accepts that my duck is a part of the whole and both need to be acknowledged.
I move between them, embrace them as me!


I feel that god is my higher self,for he lives inside of me.