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Obama Versus Dobson

Obama Versus Dobson

Is there an issue that hasn’t been controversial during this election year? Well, add religious beliefs and questions of spirituality to the list. James Dobson, one of the most influential evangelicals in the country, is criticizing Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama for “distorting the Bible” in various ways. Obama pointed out Bible passages that feel “dated,” those that ban the eating of shellfish or promote slavery, for example.
Dobson, on the attack, says that these Old Testament excerpts that Obama is referring to have little to do with modern-day Christianity and Jesus’ teachings, which can be found in the New Testament. They have exchanged jabs, but have yet to meet in person.
Stepping away from the nitty-gritty for a moment and into the big picture, should issues of religion and spirituality really play a huge part in the presidential campaigns? Obama is not the first to point out controversial Bible passages, but should he be doing so in the first place as part of his platform? Does religion factor into your voting decisions? [MSNBC]

Posted: 6/25/08

I agree with James Dobson about taking the Bible out of context. It is very important to have a Christian in office. Afterall, this country was founded on the values God set forth in the Bible. Obama and his views as well as his inexperience are frightening to me in today's world of terrorism, violence, and declining moral and Christian values. God comes first, always, or should.

  • By Reborn
  • on 6/29/08 8:50 PM EST

there is something not quite right about obama. when a person holds as friend for 20 years, men that have views of this country that they carry. then he doesn't disown them untill it becomes politicly expedent. i find it hard to belive he sat there for 20 years and listen to that and then act surprised when someone shows what he has agreeded to for 20 years

  • By judy5a5
  • on 6/27/08 11:20 AM EST

I agree that it is immaterial what Obama thinks about what the Bible says. Each individual is now responsible to God for knowing for self what is required. At the time of this ignorance, God once winked, but now commands, mankind everywhere to repent. So Dobson, Obama, you or I, we are each on our own to make our calling an election sure.


This is just another attempt to distract from the real issues we're facing as a nation. Bottom line—it doesn't matter if the candidates are Christian, Muslim or of no faith at all. We're voting for a political leader, not a spiritual one. Obama has proved himself a man of faith...so what if his faith differs from Dobsons, or mine or yours?

  • By Kiki76
  • on 6/26/08 9:48 AM EST