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Can Spirituality Exist At Work?

Can Spirituality Exist At Work?

With the supposed separation of church and state, lengthy rules about where prayer and religious accoutrements are appropriate, it’s no surprise the workplace doesn’t seem like the most conducive atmosphere for living more spiritually. But, Lisa Elliott was willing to delve deeper into why this is.
Her reason for making a film about these issues can also be summed up the following statement: “I was just very curious about how people go to church, or mosque or temple, and then go to work a different way.” Church and workplace do indeed house different callings, some of which seem at odds with each other when you’re considering the hostile work environments some people endure. Additionally, some mild-mannered people take a totally different approach at work if they are in a managing or disciplinary position.
Elliott says, “we’re really two different people on Sunday and on Monday,” but it’s worth seeking out ways to bridge the proverbial gap.

Tell us, do you think it’s possible to live more spiritually all the time, even at work? Click on the link below to watch the full documentary.  [Newsnet5]

Posted: 8/4/08

Wow, great responses everyone! Definitely an interesting topic.

  • By aliciak
  • on 8/22/08 10:34 AM EST

Absolutely! I would be living a lie if I walked out of church on Sunday and into work on Monday a different person. Am I tried as a Christian at work, absolutely! But that is how God works to change us.


True religion isn't practiced only in a building. Yes many go out of social obligation or family expectations, but for true believers it becomes who you are. This makes for diligent honest workers.

  • By 1ibyte
  • on 8/5/08 8:16 AM EST

I agree with Dadeeyo. Spirituality, faith, religion—we carry our beliefs with us everyday, and if we're committed to our individual beliefs they will spill over into daily life.

  • By Kiki76
  • on 8/4/08 11:54 PM EST

I don't think spirituality is only for Sunday. Spirituality is a way of life. It affects the decisions you make, the way you treat people, and ultimately it's your lifestyle.

So I think it's possible to live more spiritually all the time.