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Bob Livingstone

Bob Livingstone

LCSW and psychotherapist in private practice for almost twenty...

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Dean Ornish

Dean Ornish

Professor of medicine and best-selling author

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Bob Harper

Bob Harper

Fitness trainer on NBC's hit show The Biggest Loser

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Change Nation: Gregory Joujon-Roche (08/22/08)

Gregory Joujon-Roche on Living Healthier

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Instead of treating excercise as just another chore, why not make it a part of your lifestyle? Brad Pitt's trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche is the creator of the Holistic Fitness philosophy and in this episode of Change Nation, he shares with us the same healthy living secrets that he uses with the stars. For more information on Gregory Joujon-Roche, visit www.onebodyonelife.com or www.holisticfitness.com.


This is the only way I know of contacting your podcast person-I can not view this exact podcast but I can view most of your other podcasts- example: Brent Kessel(no problem)? ? ? WHY!

  • By gglenn
  • on 2/13/09 9:04 AM EST

OK, this guy may just inspire me to start a fitness program of my own.

  • By cobber
  • on 9/25/08 10:36 AM EST
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