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Taking Calorie Inventory

Taking Calorie Inventory

Restaurants in New York City started posting calorie counts on menus a few months ago, and now one parent company of a number of fast food chains is calling on all of their venues to follow suit across the country by 2011. You may not have heard of Yum Brands Inc., but you're probably all too familiar with their offspring: Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut and Long John Silver’s. Soon, their menu boards will tell you exactly how much of that greasy stuff is going into your body. Yikes!
Jonathan Blum, a spokesman for the company, says, “We believe this is the right leadership role…to be providing more information so consumers can make better-informed purchase decisions about the food they eat.” Not exactly what you expect to hear from companies that inadvertently depend on people NOT making the best food decisions! But you may recall that back in 2007, both the Taco Bell and KFC chains transitioned to oils without trans fat, so at least they are heading in the right direction.
In addition to the changes made inside restaurants, Yum Brands will also cease advertising during TV shows watched by kids under 12 and it hopes to eventually create some online exercise programs aimed at adults and kids alike. Will the new calorie counts affect your eating habits or were you already aware of them? How often do you choose the healthier options at fast food chains? [MSNBC]

Posted: 10/2/08

Even the Mr. Softee truck now has calories listed!
I do think people being able to see what they're ingesting does some good. We all have to take responsibility for what we're putting into our bodies. This doesn't mean we can't have an occasional treat—but it certainly has put an end to any impulse buys of a scone or muffin with my coffee! If I'm having that many calories, I want something much more filling!

  • By Kiki76
  • on 10/6/08 11:28 AM EST

I honestly rarely to never eat at fast food chains. I am not saying that I don't indulge in the occasional junk food, but nothing about fast food is appealing to me.

Still, if I was going to eat something on-the-go, then I would be sure to choose the healthiest option possible, like a salad with light dressing paired with turkey on whole grain bread or a chicken sandwich on a wheat bun, minus any fatty condiments like full-fat mayo. I try to think of veggies or fruit as the main part of the meal and a sandwich as a side. This allows me to feel full and indulge in my favorite treat, like ice cream, without going overboard!


I don't eat at many of these places KFC, Pizza Hut, LJS anyway. Occasionally, I get cravings for KFC, but the funny thing is, is that the longer you go without giving into your cravings, the less you want them. I used to be the biggest Whopper fan ever, and then I made a pact with myself that I could not have another Whopper until I lost five pounds. Well, that hasn't happened, and I've only caved into my craving once, and when I did, I noticed that ... dear God ... it didn't taste nearly as good to me as it used to. I think our food choices become cyclical fairly easily. The more junk you eat, the more junk you want to eat. The healthier you eat, the more healthy food you want to eat.


It's nice to see they are taking their high road and setting an example. I've seen some of those labeling efforts in New York and it's frightening. To see the calories next to your favorite donuts and muffins in Dunkin Donuts is very sad :(

But it has to be done. We're killing ourselves with obesity and inactivity.