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Marie Haumont on Healthy Living

Dr. Marie Haumont is one of the top global authorities on the use of Kirlian photography as a healing and diagnostic treatment. She received her medical degree from the University of Louvain in Belgium and has used energetic and psychological techniques to treat thousands of patients successfully. Haumont is the founder of the International Association for Near Death Studies in Belgium and has worked with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross studying the process of dying. In this interview, Haumont explains how health is largely dependent on the energy flow in one’s body.

How does stress affect health?

The Holmes-Rahe Scale measures the impact of events in your life on a stress scale of one to 100. Death of a spouse is 100, divorce is 73, personal injury or illness is 53, marriage is 50, change in health of a family member is 44, and so on. Changes in lifestyle and stress affect the immune system more than people think. Despair has the worst effect on health. It stops energy and our life force from circulating around the body. When someone goes through a difficult change, I get them to write down what they win and what they lose with this event, which emotionally brings things to the forefront. There are very few situations when you only lose something. Even positive changes bring about a huge amount of stress. It’s imperative that people protect their health during any life change or transition by making their energy stronger through nutrition and sleep. Another thing I recommend is Kirlian photography, which can give you a picture of where you’re at on the inside.

What is Kirlian photography?

A Russian Doctor, Semyon Kirlian, invented the procedure in 1939 to show that you can see “invisible energy” and use this to measure the vitality of the life force of things. A Kirlian photograph is a diagnostic tool to easily evaluate—with no danger or side effects—the energy flow in the body of a patient. It gives the doctor a visible way of knowing what’s going on inside the body. The hands and feet are photographed and that photograph shows an electromagnetic field that indicates the health of the organs and various parts of the body, both physically and energetically. It also shows current and future weaknesses. Many times, you can prevent something happening inside the body— everything from cancers to heart problems—by seeing what’s likely to occur beforehand. The doctor can then help re-establish a more optimal energy flow in the body through various techniques. The most amount of life force, correctly flowing in harmony, is the goal.

What will a Kirlian photo show?

The photo will tell you the quality of your energy. A doctor can then help change that very quickly though acupuncture, laser treatment, homeopathy and traditional medicine, if necessary. The body understands and can quickly alter its electromagnetic environment. If you improve your body’s energy this way, the body will engage its self-healing mechanism and better protect you from future energy disturbances. The doctor takes a second or third set of photos once the session is done, and must be able to actually see the change in the photos after a treatment. The patient will also see the change, too. The most important thing to do is to “re-arm the body” with its own natural defenses and give back its natural immunity, which are the self-healing mechanisms that the body has in its inner world. The potential to change and regenerate someone on the inside is present with every patient.

What can help energy flow and improve overall health?

Acupuncture can help to remind the body how to function efficiently. Sometimes, the brain sends incomplete messages from the brain to the body. The Chinese believe there is a complete healing mechanism within all of us. If a person can strengthen the body’s energy, it will lessen the impact the next time there’s a stressful situation or change.

How has the health paradigm changed over the last century?

Health today is a in a Renaissance period with much more focus on looking at the person as a whole. Before, we reduced everything to physical, atomic and chemical parts. Émile Coué, a French pharmacist, said in 1857 that the psyche and emotions can have a huge effect on the physical body. She became very well known; however, at the time, if you couldn’t measure it, it wasn’t real. These myths and paradoxes existed for more than a century until it has become accepted that the emotions affect the physical.

What affects the energy flow and health of the body?

Air and nutrition affects the energy of the body all the time, as do positive or negative thoughts. Trauma affects energy. What’s going on in your personal life is recorded as love or absence of love in the body and energy field.

What can people through stress and life changes?

Express things more: Talk about what you’re going through and its impact on your life. There was a 30-year Canadian research study, which demonstrated that writing what you’re feeling and experiencing for 10 minutes a day—getting any negative thoughts out of you—had a tremendous, positive impact on health. In the control group, there were no suicides, hardly any accidents and much lower instances of cancer and early deaths from other diseases.

Men are worse at talking and expressing themselves; men want precise action steps, things to do. Women communicate much more, are less rigid and can discern why something may have happened to them. Maybe this is why the seven-year life expectancy gap between men and women still hasn’t changed, even though women’s roles have changed. Men need to learn to look and feel what’s going on inside and express that that somehow.

What are some things people can do that will positively impact their health?

Be positive, see things in a positive light, and say to yourself everyday: “I’m getting better.” Very few people do this, but imagine yourself in good health in the future. If you feel trapped or stuck, express it to someone. It doesn’t have to be a shrink; go talk to a pastor, a hairdresser, a friend, a journal—but get it out of yourself! Meditate and visualize. Your own inner intelligence can create miracles in healing. Our own images in our mind block us or liberate us. Inundate yourself with positive images.

How can people improve their chances of healing?

There’s a big difference between putting up with a treatment versus participating in a treatment. People have a much higher chance of healing if they have embraced it and are doing their part. Loving yourself and making peace with yourself will also increase your chances of turning your health around. Have some goals and some projects; give meaning to your future. Mobilize yourself; you deserve to be happy and healthy.

Visualizing can change your unconscious and re-inform your genes and immune system. Take three weeks, five minutes a day and do it last thing at night and see the effects. Imagine your body changing, your weight coming off you. Change the circuit that’s embedded inside your neurotransmitters: They’ll believe anything you visualize as being real. Religion can help because people who believe in something are not usually paralyzed by death as “the end.” For spiritual people, death is not the end of everything, so they have greater chances of healing.

Posted: 12/28/07