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Detoxify Your Home with Plants

Detoxify Your Home with Plants

The environment is a fragile little thing. It’s been abused and misused in more ways than anyone could ever count. And chances are you too are feeling the blows of the harm with which Mother Earth has been head-to-head in the boxing ring for the past several years.

A huge problem is that the toxins we interact every day—plastics, paper goods, synthetic fibers, and other household items— contain trace amounts of contaminants that, in large enough doses, could kill you. Let’s face it: The majority of people are not breathing in a hefty amount of chemicals every day. But those small doses can't be good.

New research shows the addition of a few plants in your home can help to naturally detox your indoors environment and keep you living healthy. Check out this chart to pick the right plants for eliminating cetain toxins that may be in your home:

Paper goods—Corn Plant
Dry cleaning and inks—Gerbera Daisy
Detergents and paint—Peace Lily
Household Cleaners—Chrysanthemum
Furniture—Bamboo Palm
Synthetic Fibers—Jenny Craig
Tobacco Smoke—English Ivy
Varnishes and oils—Warneckei
Clothes—Spider Plant
Carpet—Golden Pathos
Lacquers, Gasoline and Adhesives—Marginata
Foam insulation—Azalea
Particle board—Philodendron
Plastics and inks—Chrysanthemum

Do you keep any of these plants in your home, and have you noticed a difference? If you try this out, we'd like to hear from you! Does adding a plant to your home make it feel cleaner? [Good Magazine]

Posted: 5/29/08

I have a lot of philodendrons and spider plants (the easiest things to grow next to herbs), as well as rubber tree plants. They dont require a lot of watering, and the philodendrons and spider plants will re-root when broken off and placed into a cup or jar of water.


When I was young my mother and grandmother always had house plants. I thought they were just for looks, somthing that they enjoyed doing. I myself have house plants after my children have gotten older, and I definately notice the diffrence in my home since I have them, then from when I did not. When taking the time to think about it, I believe that the air in my home is cleaner; I dont have to spray a lot of airfreshners or have scented candles!