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Back to the Land

Back to the Land

It’s time to think outside the egg carton! Er, outside the box. Well, both as a matter of fact! Veggie and herb gardens are a dime a dozen, even in urban areas like New York City where tomato and basil plants take up residence in makeshift window boxes and on fire escapes. What’s next in the grow-your-own-food trend? How about chickens and their eggs?
A Brooklyn family had one of those light bulb moments while visiting Amish country in Pennsylvania. Upon seeing the bed-and-breakfast owners merely go outside when they ran out of eggs, they thought to themselves, “Could we have chickens too?” The answer turned out to be a resounding “yes,” and even the community is now benefiting from extra eggs and chickens (on the menu at a local restaurant!).
Urban and backyard farming were both common during war times when the food supply was hard-pressed and money tighter. In a quest to live healthier and buy locally, all while keeping finances in check, would you consider the slightly crazy idea of raising some chickens in your backyard? As someone mentioned in the comments of this original Newsweek article, how would you feel about having an animal around that feeds YOU instead of the other way around?

Posted: 11/20/08

The idea of having a farm is alluring. Then reality sets in. Who will get up and take care of those animals, till the land, do what needs to be done. Reese Witherspoon gave an interview recently where she said she has a farm with goats and chickens that lay lovely blue eggs. I couldn't help but wonder if Reese is out there bailing the hay...


Yeah I imagine if I raised animals I wouldn't eat them either! But that may also be years of having a vegetarian boyfriend talking...

  • By aliciak
  • on 11/27/08 9:56 AM EST

I applaud people willing to do it, but I admit, I don't think I could go through with it. My mom grew up on a farm and she said chickens are the worst. They're incredibly messy and mean--they don't like it when you take their eggs, and they will peck. Apparently their pecking really hurts! However, I'm sure there are special gloves these days that protect against chicken beaks. Anyhow, from the stories my mom tells, I can tell I'm not cut out for raising farm animals.


Ha, not weird. If you had a pig, would you still want to eat bacon? Probably not!
I love this idea. If it wasn't so cold in NYC in the winter I would totally do this.


I certainly think it gives us more compassion for the animals! I'm tempted to say that if I had a chicken living in the yard, I might give up eating chicken (but probably not eggs.) Is that weird?

  • By Kiki76
  • on 11/20/08 9:06 AM EST