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All-Natural Health Secrets

All-Natural Health Secrets

Know that co-worker who always talks about how he, “never gets sick?” Yeah, he irks us, too. The truth is he may have a few tricks up his sleeve for living healthy and staying strong. Here are a few tried-and-true au naturel health tips we came across while raiding his desk drawer. We say—share them with everyone you know!
*Get a massage: That sounds easy enough, right? A good rubdown can help decrease anxiety, lower blood pressure and even your heart rate—all factors which can lead to a boosted immune system. Check out a professional or invest in a nature-bristle brush to get your circulation going. Just 10 minutes a few times a week will give you the health benefits you need.
*Welcome smelly breath: Garlic is packed with antioxidants that work to fight inflammation, keep away cancer and encourage a healthy heart. Try munching on two cloves a day. If you can't stand the idea of burps that reek, then try aged-garlic extract, a less smelly version of the herb.
*Scrub your hands: Hand-washing is the best way to thwart the 1 billion colds that Americans come down with on a yearly basis, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Hand washing also helps avoid foodborne illnesses, like salmonella, that have affected the nation in recent months. Keep sanitizing gel or wipes on hand for quick touchups.
*Take a cold shower: It sounds downright frigid, but cold shower lovers say the method increases energy, reduces migraines, increases circulation and helps ease pain. Try it in small increments, otherwise your chill screams might stir the whole neighborhood.
We want to know: What are your secrets for staying healthy and energized? [Health]

Posted: 9/9/08

I absolutely loooooove cold showers, especially after exercise or being out in the heat obviously! It really does reenergize me.

  • By aliciak
  • on 10/2/08 12:13 AM EST

Hand washing! Do you know how many people I see leave a bathroom without washing their hands? It's disgusting!

On the garlic, I've heard that you can take the garlic pills in the vitamin section for the same results as chewing on the cloves. Personally, I'd rather have the pills, but I believe some of the side effects include your pores exuding the smell of garlic. Hehehe....the peanut commercial where the woman rubs peanuts on her like perfume and men are attracted to her just popped into my head. Perhaps scent ala garlic would attract people as well. Maybe not.


This is good news for me. I love garlic, am in danger of becoming a compulsive hand washer and enjoy a good blast of cold water at the end of the shower ... it really wakes me up!


One easy natural health trick is not to share any sort of food, beverage or personal item (like a hair brush or a tooth brush) with anyone. It's as important as hand washing.


Thanks for re-iterating the benefits of handwashing, especially as we get into cold and flu season! People really don't wash as they should, so you've got to take care of yourself. As to the cold shower-even a few seconds of chilly water at the end of your regular shower does wonders for energy. No need to stand under a frigid blast for too long!

  • By Kiki76
  • on 9/9/08 10:55 AM EST