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Be Honest


This may sound incredibly cheesy but being honest is the best way to improve a relationship. I've recently found that a number of my close friendships and family relationships have improved by sharing what I was really thinking...whether I felt unhappy  unhappy with the way I was being treated or I felt I was not doing my job in being a good friend. I also make sure these people in my life are honest with me too.

Of course, it always stinks in that "honesty" moment when things are laid out that might not be fun to hear, but that's what working on a relationship is about—doing the work to make it better.   

Shared by LMAYO9 on 2/22/08

This is a quote I wrote the other day:
"I rather be bothered or hurt by TRUTH than fooled or seduced by a lie"


Since we had the honor of listening to Gary King speak about the power of truth I have been really spreading the word on this advice.

Being honest is so important in all of our relationships.

One thing my mother told me when I was growing up that stuck with me was that she did not want me to lie ... she said "I don't care so much about what you did or how bad you think it is ... just come to me and tell me the truth and we will work it out."

Really good advice. Thanks, Mom.
Thanks, Mayo!


I have to agree with LMAYO9. As I grow older and develop deeper relationships, it's easier to tell the "truth." And I think my friends actually respect me more.