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Question:What's after the wedding?

We have lived together for 2 years and our wedding is aproaching fast. Everyone says that it all changes after you say "I Do".
What should I expect? Will we go through a greiving period for being single? What can we do, or I do, to make a smooth tranistion into married life.

Asked by littlertb on 7/7/08 4 Answers»


Congratulations! I lived with my husband for two years before we got married. I DO! change things for the better. We had no doubts of our love for each other and we both knew we can not change each others . Communication, compromising and keeping the love alive. Relationships can't work themselves we have to work at them by nurturing it. We have been married for 7 1/2 years and have 2 beautiful children. Best of luck

Answered by: JOMARYAL on 8/11/08


I've got just a few words for you. Read and practice these EVERY DAY with your partner. You'll go pretty far.


However, when things get tough, communication is always your best, and first, step back to each other. Keep the lines open. Listen first, respond second.

Good luck!

Answered by: qxq1too on 7/11/08


The first time my husband said, "Because you are my wife!" I was stunned. I asked him where that came from and he said he didn't know but he liked it. We had cohabitated for 6 years!
I think there are changes in the way we look at the relationship. I am sure we are all different but with us it was a more seriousness about us as a couple. We were now ONE. We both like it.

Answered by: CarolElgin on 7/11/08


Marriage counseling doesn't always start after the constant arguing. It begins before you tie the knot. It starts with the two of you. Their is an understanding a couple must have in order to get through the tougher times of cupids wrath, You have to have an open mind to each others feelings and always be considerate of them. It's not all about you after marriage.

Answered by: newbcharley on 7/11/08
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