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Don't Wear Yourself Out!


With the holidays coming up, many are tempted to take on second and third jobs. Don't do it unless you absolutely have no other choice.

I learned this the hard way. I was working three jobs and going to school full-time. I didn't sleep, I wasn't eating properly, I lived in a constant state of stress, my friends and family were always angry with me because I was never there for anything, it really wasn't worth it. Sure, I had a little extra money, but the price was the relationships that were most important in my life. Not to mention the fact that I was constantly sick because I was overworking myself. It's not a good life to lead.

If you're going to take a second job, make sure you set aside enough time for yourself to recuperate or you'll become burnt out. A little R&R is important to our mental, physical, and emotional health - not to mention it keeps those we love from hating us! ;)

Shared by Kristy101081 on 11/10/08

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Oh wow, yes, three jobs and school full-time would ruin anyone's health! I'm sorry you had to learn from experience. I think a part-time gig for the holidays in addition to full-time work can be done in a healthy way as long as you set some rules. (I've worked retail as a second job for a few years off and on.)
1. Be firm with the amount of hours you can work (for example, no more than 20 hours) the second gig. Remember it's only for saving/extra money, so if they don't like it, well, you don't really need it.
2. Make sure you get one day off during the weekend from both jobs. You need that one day to yourself for your sanity.
3. If the second job consistently schedules you over your fixed hours, interferes with your main job, or disrespects you in some other way it's time to walk away.
With these rules in mind, you can stay sane and earn a little extra cash!