Douglas Andrew

on Having More Money
Owner and President of Paramount Financial Services, Inc.

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Douglas R. Andrew is currently the owner and president of Paramount Financial Services, Inc., a comprehensive personal and business financial planning firm with several divisions. He is the author of Missed Fortune, Missed Fortune 101, The Last Chance Millionaire and Millionaire by Thirty, written with his two sons Aaron and Emron Andrew.

Advice on Change

The biggest mistake men make with money is that they spend it on things they want now for gratification. Younger people want to have what their parents took years to acquire.

A 40 year old should be thinking about when their money will hit that cross over pointwhere your money and investments are earning more than you earn by working. You ought to be thinking about how fast and how soon you can hit it.

Understand that money is simply an instrument at the end of the day.
You don't take it with you. Too many people spend their health trying to regain wealth, and then their wealth to regain health. Keep priorities straight, go out and help contribute to the world.

Be very sensitive to the environment. I’ve been telling people green investing is up and coming. Windmills are great investments. They say we will be a 20% wind industry by the year 2020. Wind energy, electric cars—invest in anything that’s green.

Millionaire by Thirty: The Quickest Path to Early Financial Independence


Douglas Andrew and his sons, Emron and Aaron-both of whom are in their mid-20s-show the under-30 crowd how they can break from traditional 401k investment plans and instead can find a better way by investing in real estate, budgeting effectively, avoiding...