"I think I'm just so overwhelmed because I have so many changes that need to be made. I hope this helps. Thanks again!!" -Jennifer
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Douglas Andrew

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Taking a look at where I stand in relation to the entire world on globalrichlist.com was eye-opening! I give, but nowhere near enough. Lots of my money gets spent on things I don't really need. This list makes me want to recommit to sharing more of my "wealth." How do you view the GlobalRichList?

Shared by kristen on 7/14/08

Sure puts things into context, doesn't it?

All this "material" stuff that we think we need is nonessential, compared to those really in need in the rest of the world!


As tough as it gets, and sometimes it does seem utterly hopeless, thank God I don't have to listen to babies crying because they are hungry,..... and there is no food.

  • By oldgold
  • on 7/15/08 6:26 AM EST

I have been disabled also for about 25 years. It was the best this that happened to me. I created ways to help myself as no one else could. Beginning w/ health, new cooperative alternative doctors. Daily disciplined efforts. Being around people of inspiration not desperation. I've created several of my own businesses. Some have worked for a time...others not. I never give up. Now i am starting a mosaic business. good luck!! georgina


I'm one of the many that could use some help, disabled from a auto accident, 2 kids....... not sure what your after, how do the rich know who they can help?