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Question:Wondering how successful these money tree systems are?

There are alot of online pyriamed-residual marketing online business opportunities. Some seem rather easy, some complicated, some cost money to start, some require you to purchase a monthly auto-ship product.
There are so many. All saying they are the #1 place to Win-Win-Win. There's Travel, products, Stores, and on, and on, never ending. I once got hooked into having my own special website to fill perscriptions, for humans and animals, regular drugs, and natural holistic type of meds. It seemed like a good idea, at first, and the start up wasn't that much, but once everything was in order, and I got the site, I had to speak to the 'Advisor' for my goals and stratigies, and there was the 'Clincher'. After the whole sphrill about how to get things running and all that gunk, he says: 'So, how would you like to pay for the package?' Bingo! That's right!....They wanted the money to make the website stand out amongst the rest.
Several plans or packages were presented, as I asked to inquire about them, to see where this was heading, and he kindly spread out the grandeous splender of packages and levels for me to choose from over the phone.
Now, that's not how I would normally do business, (and of course I didn't do anymore business), but I wanted to know, so I could oversee the plan in all this.
Well the conclusion of this dilema is that I have a website, that didn't cost too, too much to own, under the circumstances, but I can not, nor will I ever, be able to afford the tools, they wanted me to purchase to move this site along. I was allowed to not host it for 60days so I wouldn't be charged $9.00 a month for hosting fees. But if I don't actvate it by then, then I no longer have ta website, that I could potenitally could be making money, if I knew how to do it. Thus, I will be forfietting the orginal purchase of the business. See what I mean. Always a catch!...They made some money of me, I make nothing, and I lose if I don't activate the site for hosting. Had to go throught the experience, so I can talk about it now to you. There are so many rip-offs out there, so be aware.
Now, the real question is after all is said and done, how do you make money, with out being ripped off?
That is the question of the DAY!

Asked by AngelNaphtalie on 5/21/08 2 Answers»


Hi Angel,
I hope that you checking this to see the reply's . All I know is I have tried everything from Amway to Herbalife many years ago and even ACN and Automatic Builder more recently. I have never found success with MLM's because they weren't my style. I am not a big fan of recruiting my friends and family and all the other lame things they do nor was I into selling lotions or potions. What I finally found after searching for years is not MLM nor do I recruit my friends and family. I don't do any selling or telling either. I simply put people through a three step process and if they are interested in doing the same thing great ! If they're not and they can't see the simplicity of it that's great too, I don't waste my time or theirs and I help the next person who is ready to change their life through financial freedom. Pretty simple, thank God, and yes it requires work and it requires thinking positively and taking action and changing things from the inside out. IF YOU, OR ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE are ready to change your financial situation then you may contact me at FaceYourFears.LiveYourDreams@yahoo.com and I will be happy to help you do just that. Regards, Lance

Answered by: lancecamper on 6/8/08


At 75 years young I can tell you that I have been the adventurous sort that has tried everything for one reason or another. In the old days there were numerous methods offered to make more money than you ever imagined. Most were devious cons designed to remove the sucker from his money while promising plenty and delivering little or nothing.
Most of what I see on the internet are the carry overs dressed in new outfits but as devious and irresponsible as ever.
I have found one sure way of making monet and that is the old fashioned way. If you work for someone else and desire to attain wealth that will allow you to live the life you have always dreamt about chances are that you will never make it unless you are willing to give up those things that most of us are gentically endowed too. I am speaking of marriage and a family of course because those two things definately will have to wait until after you have reached your monetary goals. No matter what you have set your mind on you will find that getting it means having tunnel vision.
If you are going to enter in a business that will get you to the level you desire the same formula will do the job but it will take a lot more committment since you will have to o the market research to be positive that a market exisits or can be brought into existence for whatever you are going to offer. Initial funding must be raised and while there are numerous ways to do this you must determine what the most realistic and beneficial method might be. Periods of sacrifice will be many and often for the first three to five years but that usually wil set the foundation in place and building from there will begin to return the money, security and success you are seeking.
Before you commit to this adventure be sdure it is what you want more than anything else since it will end up being the only thing you have for most of your young life.
Good luck and God bless

Answered by: Sam1Sonny on 5/26/08
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