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How To Make More Money, Now

How To Make More Money, Now

With the unemployment rate reaching an all-time high, people are looking for any way possible to make extra money.
Not long ago we talked about some side hustles you could do to help pad your budget a little. Well, it seems many people have been finding weird ways to make money. And it's getting even more unusual....definitely a "think outside the box" kind of hustle.

 Sell Your Hair
Oh yes! You can actually SELL your hair. Most people donate to Locks of Love, which is a great cause, but with so many people needing money they're turning to selling it instead. You can visit TheHairTrader.com to see how much your tresses are worth. One lucky lady from Arizona got $1,200 for 27 inches of hair, enough to buy Christmas presents for her kids and catch up on a past due mortgage. Not bad for just growing out your hair!

Become a Lab Rat
This particular revenue stream does come with some drawbacks—namely that you're swallowing unknown medication to see if it's safe for the public, but you can be pretty well compensated for your troubles. Depending on the clinic and the trial you participate in, you could earn anywhere from $50-$5,000. One guy in Austin, TX has made clinical trials his full-time job! Imagine the conversation at a party..."So what do you do?" "Me? Oh, I'm a professional lab rat." Probably not so hot on the dating scene.

So what do you guys think? Are either of these something you would consider, or have already done? I'm curious to know how the clinical testing works...I can think of a lot of good uses for $5,000. I'm just saying. - Kristy Young

Posted: 12/15/08

There's also the egg donation route, which a friend and I looked into in college, only to find out that it's not the easiest process!

Time to start growing my hair...

  • By aliciak
  • on 1/2/09 11:52 AM EST

Yes! I love that someone else donated plasma in college too! I've also donated my hair to Locks of Love, and while I'd do it again...I never knew you could sell your hair! Or that it would be worth so much! I'm growing it out now, so that's definitely good to know!


I totally did the selling plasma thing in college for extra cash. A girl's gotta get her nails did, you know?

  • By Kiki76
  • on 12/16/08 12:13 PM EST

I heard that guy on NPR and he said that there is a whole community of people who go to clinical trials all the time! Some of the trials seem pretty crazy, and I'd probably be too scared to do anything that involves mental health. I'd consider selling my hair, but I usually donate it!

  • By alegria
  • on 12/15/08 4:01 PM EST