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Hot Stocks! Get Your Hot Stocks Here!

Hot Stocks! Get Your Hot Stocks Here!

If you want to have more money, at some point investments may enter your personal finance equation. But how do you know where to unvest? The stock market is up and down, but in times of uncertainty there are always standouts for those investors willing to take a little risk.

Forbes.com gives some insight into four stock that are hot to own right now. Caveat emptor...

1.) Illumina - makes machines called gene sequencers
that are sold to research labs and clinical trial
organizations to facilitate the medical research.
Revenues jumped up to 69% within the first quarter.

2.) Anadigics - a technology company that fell from a
52-week high of $19 per share to a mere $6 per share,
predicting a dire outcome for the company. But,
revenues reached a record $74 million, effectively
placing this company ahead of expectations.

3.) VisionChina Media - an advertising network based
out of Beijing that uses over 49,000 digital TV
displays on buses, subway platforms, and trains in 15
cities throughout China. Profits in the first quarter
grew 304% to $14 million.

4.) Baidu.com - a Chinese internet search engine
comparable to Google. First quarter reports indicated
revenue growth of 125% and earnings growth of 93%.

Anyone else seeing a trend in technology? These four companies also offer asset allocation as well as diversification within your portfolio—bonuses for savvy savers. Plus, since they're doing so well, it's a great opportunity to earn more money. You know...until the next big thing hits. [Forbes]

Posted: 5/13/08