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Question:Is it normal to feel like you have lost your best friend after the loss of a child?

My son Chris passed away last year pn june 16 and i feel so lost. I was his mother yes, but i was his friend and his caregiver. He had been in a wheelchair from age 7 and misdiagnosed with Duchenne Musculary Dystrophy We found out 2 weeks before he passed away that it had been spina bifida all that time. I am angry at the MDA for pushing me to accept the diagnosis when it had been wrong all that time, i am mad that Chris could be here right now walking and enjoying a normal life had it not been for their stupidity. He would be 22 July 19 2008. He was in that stupid wheel chair and helpless all those years i feel like the mda killed my son. But he was my confidant, my friend, my baby my heart. I have 2 other sons, and we all miss him and it has been rough. I expected that but i didnt expect the depression i feel the loss of worth i feel the extreme loneliness the lack of desire to care about anything anymore but my boys. I guess its silly but i know it is real and really happening to me what should i do?

Asked by Metalsangel on 6/30/08 1 Answer»


I sympathize so much with your pain. My losses have been different, but the sadness is so much to deal with, and you have anger and depression issues also. It seems like a good thing that you are aware of your depression and are asking for help. After a year, it seems like a good time to try some professional counseling also. I'm glad you have your two other sons to keep you going. Would it help to channel some of your strong feelings into getting involved with a spina bifida agency, to help others like your family?
I send you much love and all good wishes for continued healing.

Answered by: mml5252 on 7/4/08
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