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For Moms In Mourning

One of our community members, Carla Beaumont, understands what it means to grieve the loss of a child. Her son, Tyler Beaumont, was stillborn on Feb. 17, 1990 at 5:16 A.M. (two weeks before his due date). Carla's hope is to "honor and help all of those mothers who on this Mother's Day will be reminded of their loss and help them to restore hope, faith and find a connection with that love that they feel they lost."

We couldn't have said it better. If you're hurting this Mother's Day—or any day—our community is a wonderful place to find support.

You are not alone.
I know your hurting, I’ve been where you are
Help is here for you, without traveling very far
Let me help you learn to carry your pain, so the loss of your child doesn’t go in vain
Don’t be mad, look for blame, or give up on God
Just look up to your child and give a sweet nod

I know you're wondering, why him, why me
There are lots of ways to help you heal, look ahead, and be free
Find peace by letting go, doing good, and loving fully from your heart
Let your grief be replaced with gratitude, passion, and a new start

Look to your son ask him to trust
With time and love, you will heal and be robust
Tell him you know he’s with you, showing you purpose, and the way
To pick up, go on, and finish the day

I know this tragedy can bring a new life for you
Tell your son to watch all the wonderful things that you do
Tell him time will help you, and he will be proud for sure
Because with him by your side, there is nothing you can’t endure

Don’t be mad, look for blame, or give up on God
Just look up to your child and give a sweet nod
Tell him you’ve accepted that life will be fine
For he is great, and now your Divine.

-written by Carla Beaumont

Posted: 5/9/08

I'm so sorry for your loss and understand your pain and challenges moving forward. We never forget do we? A Mother's love never dies, so try talking to your son and start to really live. He will enjoy it right along with you. You can still cry for him, but you will learn to do that a little less and start to heal. Ask for a sign he's listening, and use your faith for your sign. You'll get it! Let me know! Warmest regards, Carla


I, too , had a son, who at the time (15 years ago) was only 3 months old and barely recovering from his long confinement from the NICU @ the hospital I gave birth to him. He had a younger twin brother, who now lives back home in the Philippines with his Dad. I believe that I have not yet recovered from this loss and sometimes still get stuck with my life due to this. It's still a challenge for me to turn my mind towards the positive rather than the negative. Prayers have got me by the toughest times though.
Thank you for the poem, It is written from the heart!

Best regards,
Jennifer B. (North Hollywood, CA)



Very nice job on the poem. You reminded me that I can be as forgetful and insensitive as many others who have not experienced this loss. I had lunch with my niece today (Mother's Day). I was telling her how much I admire her for having overcome some very difficult circumstances in life. I briefly recalled these, not to dwell on them, but to commend her on her resiliancy and strength. But I forgot the toughest loss that she has faced - losing a child just before birth. That would have been her first, and only, child. I guess that's how it is for the rest of us -- it can be a little too easy to forget. Not so for her, or you.

So, thank you for posting this. I am going to direct her to this website, so she knows that she is not alone.

George (aka Dude)

  • By George
  • on 5/11/08 9:34 PM EST

Thank you Carla for acknowledging those who are in pain on this day. I lost my 5th pregnancy last May and had to accept that I could not try again. This is not a great day and I am sometimes get tired of celebrating for others with no one thinking of my loss. I am truly sorry for your loss. And thank you!

  • By Carol99
  • on 5/11/08 4:38 PM EST

Happy Mothers's Day to all the mothers!!!!!. I was reminded of many mothers that grieve the loss of children due to rifts that have taken place in the relationships. this beautifull poem is benefiacial to their healing as well.


I am sending this to a niece that lost her 8 year old son from a seizure. It was beautifully expressed and may you be blessed for helping other Moms. Thank you!