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Question:Who's your favorite grad?

Do you know someone who is graduating this year?

With their whole lives ahead of them they're going to need some information and inspiration to help them pursue their dreams.

Tell us who your favorite graduate is and he or she could win an autographed copy of Ariane's book.

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Asked by VictoriaB on 5/8/08 9 Answers»


My mother is my most favorite grad. She has just completed all requirements to receive her PhD, and she expects all her family's presence at graduation ceremonies at Mississippi State. When she went back to college a few years back, she asked jokingly if her 3 children were ready to pay her way through school. I have always seen both my parents as exceptional role models whose examples shine, but to watch my Mom study hard and be excited when her final grades are A's, speaks for itself.

Answered by: conncook on 5/16/08


My favorite Grad are both my sons. They have worked so hard and made me so proud. They have sacrificed so much with me being a single mom. They are graduating from High School at the end of the month. I wasn't able to buy all the senior memorabilia but they understood. My one son is on his way to the University of Northwestern Ohio and the other one is enlisting into the Navy. I'm proud of you guys and I love you so much.

Answered by: momisleet777 on 5/15/08


Can I vote for myself? I am a 38 year old single mother of two who will be finally graduating on June 14 from culinary school with an Associates degree in Culinary Sciences. Now that I am graduating my 18 year old son has decided to go to college and is now in his first quarter.
I am hoping to continue to go to school and get a degree in holistic nutrition as well.

Answered by: dixiepixie on 5/14/08


My favourite grad is my son. He has worked very hard to earn his Bachelor of Commerce Degree and now he has a fukk time job which he enjoys very much. There were several times when a lot of the work did not seem worthwhile but now he is able to enjoy the rewards of his efforts.

Answered by: arnica on 5/14/08


My daughter, Tana Maddocks is my favorite grad. When she first began college, she didn't have direction and wondered why she was wasting her parents' money being there. She became depressed and couldn't get out of bed to drag herself to class and eventually she dropped out.
Later that year, she became pregnant and more changed than just her body! Tana gave up cigarettes that moment. She agonized over how she would make ends meet and decided that working at a convenient store was not the answer. She put herself back into college, worked evenings and weekends, made a closer relationship with her boyfriend, now fiance`, and is graduating with a degree in Speech Therapy and Audiology. Congratulations, Tana, you've passed the threshold into being a Wonderful Contributing Human Being! I'm so proud of you... 'Jo Mama

Answered by: GiniMaddocks on 5/12/08


My favorite grad is me.

Answered by: Timster on 5/11/08


My favorite grad is like a little sister to me. I've been blessed to know her since she was a high school student. I've watched this young girl grow into a confident and mature woman who has handled the transition from Texas to New York with grace and character. Even though she's had her ups and downs (as all students do) she's always been true to herself and her values, and I am so very proud of all her accomplishments. She's pursuing her dream of becoming and actor and has committed to it fully—a great first step!

Answered by: kristen on 5/9/08
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