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Question:Who's your favorite grad?

Do you know someone who is graduating this year?

With their whole lives ahead of them they're going to need some information and inspiration to help them pursue their dreams.

Tell us who your favorite graduate is and he or she could win an autographed copy of Ariane's book.

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Asked by VictoriaB on 5/8/08 9 Answers»


Dear TheMightyAhz,

Great question!

After each submittal is reviewed, the user who has posted their answer regarding their favorite grad will be contacted through their profile.
You do not need to use your son's name.
Thank you for your post!

Answered by: C_Wachten on 5/9/08


My son is graduating. How do I tell you? I don't want to post his name here.

Answered by: TheMightyAhz on 5/8/08
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