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Just keep moving


Exercise doesn't always have to mean an hour at the gym or a jog around the neighborhood. Activity comes in all forms, as simple as walking around the neighborhood, the mall or outlet center.

Gardening is another enjoyable way to work those muscles while you burn calories ... grab the rake and become aware of how you're moving. Make a stroke with your rake, then take a long step back with your legs, stroke, step, stroke, step ... turn it into a routine.

Trim those trees ... Grab a ladder (careful!) and trim branches that are too close to the house. That will keep critters off the roof and let more sun shine in.

Wash the car ... that rubbing and scrubbing and bending is a work out.

Clean out the garage ... break down boxes, take stuff down from shelves, dust if off, clean it, pack it, put it back ... become away of how you're lifting and use your muscles to best advantage.

Decorate ... hang scary decorations for Halloween or pretty lights for the holidays ... either way, make the task one where you stretch and bend, push and pull and get all your muscles involved.

Chop or carry wood for the fireplace ... gather sticks for starter wood ... trim greens or leaves to bring indoors for color.

Just about anything you can do outdoors these days, even close to the house can be made into a mini workout. Just remember to be conscious of how you're moving and make as much of an effort as you can to get the most activity out of your efforts.

(then you can go in and have that cup of tea with some apple pie) :)

Shared by VictoriaB on 10/20/08