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Muscle-Building Food

Muscle-Building Food

The bulging boys and lean gals that stroll away from the weight-lifting area at the gym are proof that a bit of muscle-pumping can do wonders for an individual’s physical appearance and strength. But one factor that may not be as obvious is these fitness pros are also adhering to a healthy diet.

Here are a few foods to keep your eye on for ultimate muscular health.
*Fish: Lean swimmers, like tuna, halibut, salmon and canned sardines, are packed with amino acids that can help build muscles and repair tissues after a workout. Eat two to three servings a week.
*Sweet potatoes: These tasty taters are a great source of potassium and antioxidants that are essential for muscle growth. Incorporate these veggies into your daily dose of five to nine servings of veggies and produce per day.
*Low-fat yogurt: This creamy treat is loaded with protein, potassium, vitamin D and calcium, all nutrients that can keep muscles running smoothly.
*Quinoa: At first it’s tricky to say (keen-wah), but quinoa is chock-full of quality carbohydrates that can help pack on the muscle. Be sure to stack up on these good carbs because too little can cause severe muscle weakness.
*Pumpkin seeds: Picking a perfect pumpkin may be a favorite pastime, but its seeds are the perfect snack for helping to increase muscle mass, thanks to their magnesium, manganese, iron and copper properties.
We want to know: How do you soothe sore muscles after a tough workout? [MSNBC]

Posted: 9/23/08



Hot bubble bath allllll the way!

  • By aliciak
  • on 10/1/08 11:58 PM EST

Like Victoria, I drink a lot of water and then I take a hot shower. I also make sure I get a little extra sleep to help give my muscles a little extra rest and repair time.
I never knew pumpkin seeds were so good for you. Now that it's almost pumpkin carving time, I'll definitely bake some.


I am all about stretching and water, too. But I also like a banana after a tough workout. For some reason it just tastes so good, and it is a known fact that the high potassium levels help with muscle cramping, specifically, in the legs.


What about eggs? That's a good muscle building food, too.

As for soothing muscles after a tough workout, I always go for Advil, water and stretching.


It's good to drink plenty of water after working out. You tend to get less cramps that way and I always take a warm shower or a nice warm bath.

When I've gone too far and strained myself, I rub the sore area with arnica gel.