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Funky Fitness Trends

Funky Fitness Trends

A new fitness DVD or group exercise class may seem daunting, but sometimes it is exactly the jolt a workout needs to take it from bor-ring to ooo-la-la. There are a few fitness trends, however, that just seem downright goofy. Here we help you dissect what heart-pumping activities may work for you—and the few that should make you run the other way.

1. Weighted Hula Hooping. Ah, a game that has proven as difficult a task for some people as rolling their tongues, or patting their heads while rubbing their tummies. The unweighted version has proven to be a great core and cardio workout, but experts say the weighted hoops may strain muscles. Stay clear of the advanced rings until you have practiced a bit with the traditional version.

2. The Bodyblade. A workout that consists of shaking a plastic bar above your head sounds easy enough, especially when supporters of the exercise say that simple movement causes 270 muscle contractions per minute. The foundation of Bodyblade is that once the instrument is set into motion the body must work to stop it from moving. It may be interesting to try, but experts say it is most likely just a fad.

3. Wind-Relieving Asana. As if a room full of sweaty, limber bodies was not enough of a yoga class stench, yogis of a different sort are here to add one more om element: Flatulence. Yes, we are talking about a class completely devoted to helping along your digestive tract via specific yogic poses. Fitness experts weigh in and say it may be helpful for people with low back problems, but for the most part they give group gas passing a thumbs down.

4. Aerial Aerobics. Think Cirque de Soleil meets normal people when it comes to this fitness class. Break a sweat by working with pieces of fabric that help you to hang while working your muscle through various toning moves. It may be fun for those looking for a challenge, but experts say this circus act can also make you feel like a clown.

We want to know: What fitness trend have you tried and loved? Are there any that had you sneaking out the back door? [Newsweek]

Posted: 7/29/08

This is a great idea! Specially for moms who are so busy working and taking good care of their kids. Love this post!

  • By anne22
  • on 9/15/16 5:59 PM EST

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Dadeeyo189 -- I know, isn't that great?! It is right up there with jumping on a trampoline for exercise. But the BodyBlade and flatulence yoga? Mmmm ... that's OK. Ha, ha, ha! (:


WHAT?! HULA HOOPING AND LOSING WEIGHT?! My kind of exercise :).