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My, What a Long Beard You Have!

You’d think it would be hard to begrudge someone with an awesome name like Julio Silverwolf. But Larry Roach clearly resents the fact that his former spouse, who used to be named Julia, uses his monthly $1250 alimony check for hormone injections and beard maintenance.

Julio started taking hormone injections and sprouting a five o’clock shadow toward the end of the couple’s 18-year marriage. When they decided to get divorced, a judge ordered Roach to make the monthly alimony payments to Silverwolf, who has now made the full transition from female to male.

“I didn't marry a man. I didn't divorce a man. The law is making me pay to a man,” Roach, who could stand a little grammar lesson, says to Tampa Bay’s 10.

Larry says that he married a woman, and therefore should be paying alimony to one. That argument hardly holds any water. If a judge were to listen to that reasoning, he’d also have to listen to a woman who says he married a skinny husband and therefore shouldn’t fund his Taco Bell runs. Unfortunately, the law is the law and we have to adhere to it. If you start imagining what your ex is using his or her alimony on, it could drive you nuts.

Do you spend time pondering what your ex is doing with his or her check? Or does your ex bug you about what you’re doing with yours? [Tampa Bays 10]

Posted: 6/18/08


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