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Take 30 days...


Give it 30 days

By Ceci Hamann


If they tell you it is hard, believe it.  The first 30 days are hard, very hard.


When you decide to leave a company or the company decides to leave you, you will have to accept that it will take time to adjust especially if you worked there for a few years.


We are creatures of habit and work as hard as it was, as awful as people were or not and as miserable as you thought you were or not, leaving it creates a hole that, believe me, is hard to fill.


Give it 30 days.


Because you woke up thinking about going there or not going there, your mind was conditioned to bring back that emotion a la Pavlov dog. The drive, telecommute, whatever way you took to get there gave you an opportunity to start your day with a clean cut direction…but now you need to change that and your body resents it and will play tricks on you


When you stop ANYTHING cold turkey it takes time. Time to recover, time to adjust, time to see the new horizon and time to get yourself back in control.  It will take time before you can get comfortable again.  You and your job were on a first name basis, you know the way, you did the job or avoided it but now… the level of comfort (even when it was bad) is gone. It is like a good or bad friend that leaves you and you suddenly feel alone.


Many try to avoid the feelings of sadness and jump into a new job immediately hoping that whatever issue that existed in the previous place is not in the new place…sometimes though, you bring it with you.  You try so hard to avoid the past mistakes that all you do is repeat the pattern (even if it was not truly YOUR pattern).


My advise, give it 30 days.


Time is of essence when you are out of a job but rushing can cause you the next one. If you leave a job for a specific reason, did you give yourself time to break the pattern?  Did you truly look at what the root of the issue was or did you just say “I’m done, next!”.


Give it 30 days.


It is important to rest between positions.  It is important that you start craving the need to be useful again and start looking at ways on how you can make a difference in the new workplace. Take the time to look at what worked in your last company and what did not.  Dream big about the kind of things you would like to see in your new place and ask for them openly. Make a list and bring all the great ideas to share.

When you give it 30 days, the wounds of battle will be better and you will be able to let them go. You will be able to let go of the twitch you had developed every time you had to make a photocopy go (the machine never worked) or release the tension in your neck every time the boss called you in his/her office.

 <u>It is important to get the next paycheck but it is even more so to start fresh and positive, it might be the difference between just a job or getting a promotion with your new job!</u><u> </u>
Shared by newceci66 on 2/12/08

I was so glad to read this story it is so true. Within a few weeks I had lost a job I loved. and a few other things went on that wasn't positive. I felt like somebody dided in my life. It sent me to the hospital. having musle spasms.and a few other health problems. Thank you God bless the writer


This is such wonderful advice and so very nicely written. Thank you.