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Reaching Beyond


When it seems like there is no end to your turmoil

don't be afraid to go forth. You are special to God and He has been in all your tomarrows, so don't be afraid of the change you may be going through. Look up and say, God where are we going to today together. Hold His hand  remember He is walking beside you, don't be afraid. I have proven Him over and over again and not one time has He failed me or let me down. I may not understand  but hold on and think positive

for God is NOT the author of depression. Don't be afraid take that chance go in Jesus's Name. Make the change. I was let go of my job. where do i go from here, I don't know, I have dreams but I do know when God closes one door He opens another. Hold on and take an adventure with God.

Shared by littledoe216 on 8/23/08

You are correct, I have always kept God first in my life through my good and most/current challenging times. I know he has allowed things to happen for a reason. I still do not know why, but God what road he leading to; that is a better/closer relatioship with him. Now that I am striving more everyday to grow closer to him, I have been facing more challenges of this materialist world. I will never give up and always stay strong. Thank you for your exceptional tip. How some of us forget our purpose in life because we get so caught in our on world.


Today I go for an interview and I am a little nervous. Its alot of hours, 10 hours a day for 3 days in a row...there is not much work here in our little town. I read what is posted here and it inspired me to move onto this next adventure not feeling alone...blessings


Thanks, while I am not prone to depression it is difficult to feel unwanted and adrift. Thanks for the reminder it is my true belief in life. The end result will be a story of victory but there is not victory without a battle.

  • By 1ibyte
  • on 8/26/08 10:42 AM EST