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No matter what goes on...always find a way to be gratful.


Sometimes life can throw some pretty crazy curve balls that we may not be expecting (most certainly never expect), and we wonder how we will get to the next moment, without falling apart.
But, one thing I found is to always find a way to be grateful for the moment, whether it is confusing, distrubing, painful, joyful, happy or what ever, you need to be thankful, and appreciate the moment, the adventure, the obsticals, and so much more that life will bring.
For every curve ball, there can still be a good hit from it, if you are paying attention, and stay alert. It doesn't mean you have to foul out, just take a stand, put yourself in the right posiion and 'Hit' that sucker. A curve is no different than a regular straight, fast, or slow ball. It's still being thrown at you, and you have to be ready for it. That's why you are up to bat. Might as well make it a home run, ...'what you say!'
Make it the best you can, and find the love in everything, even when you hate it.
Be grateful, and smile with a grateful-thankful attitude.
The world will think you are crazy...but, who cares. It's your life, and you should want it now, and life it now, the way you want it. Be happy!

Shared by AngelNaphtalie on 4/29/08

Yep, well with Lehmans closing, Merrill Lynch being sold, there are a lot of people facing immediate unexpected life changes. I hope they find the strength to see this as a good thing and that better will come from it all. Being grateful I agree is one of the must traits through these types of changes.


I found when I was so sick how short life really is. I had a hard time, I was so angery all the time.I was a single mom if I didn't work I didn't get paid ,but when I started being gratful .In reallity I never wanted for anything . God provided everything I needed and sometimes what I wanted.


There is nothing that helps me more than my "Attitude of Gratitude"! I start every morning with a grateful list, you know, I am grateful for...usually pretty simple things like my kids, my family, my friends, the weather. It shows how much I have that others may not, like a home and food to eat. It really helps me when times are tough or I am feeling down!


Being grateful has really helped me in my life. When I pray silently in my head I often change the "please give me" thoughts to "thank you for" and it's really helped me to see how much better life can be if you enjoy what you have in the here and now.