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Question:How do I get through this

It has been almost 6 yrs. now since my x-husband abanded me. I still Love him as much today as I did the day he left me.
I don"t like what he did to me but I certainly don:t hate him either. Anyway he is now remarried and here I am still in a slump over it and just can"t seem to get through it. I go to counciling still and I am on Antidepressants for the depression.
My question is how do I gone on with my life and forget about this man?

Asked by smcrowgirl on 7/20/08 8 Answers»


Wow. That's tough. It sounds like you're doing some of the right things...my question is, what is it that you're still holding on to? Is there something else from that time, other than the relationship, that you're missing or wishing you had?

Keep going one day at a time. It sounds trite, I know—but what can you find in each day that you are grateful for? Where can you find enjoyment? I know it might seem like there's nothing that will make you happy—and seeing him remarried is rough—but you will make it through this!!!

Answered by: kristen on 7/21/08
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