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Fawn Fitter

Fawn Fitter

Author of Working in the Dark: Keeping Your Job While Dealing...

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Dr. Andrew Jones

Dr. Andrew Jones

Medical director of the Women’s Health Institute of Texas...

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Dr. Jesse H. Wright

Dr. Jesse H. Wright

Authority on treating depression, professor of psychiatry...

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Answer:Hi! kim, I am sorry about you living in an abusive relationship. I have been in two It drains all of your positive energy. My first was with a man that...
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Answer:Are you having issues in your relationship, or finding it difficult to have a child of your own or are you the type having any diseases in your body...
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Answer:When my ex decided to leave me one day out of the blue after three years of living together, I started seeing a great therapist. One of the things she...
Answered by runnindownadream More»
Answer:cheering for ya nikita. hope it all falls into place for ya.
Answered by vlamp66 More»
Answer:Be sure to get a medical check-up. You could have an underactive thyroid or another medical issue like chronic fatigue syndrome. If not those, maybe...
Answered by dustymax More»
Answer:The first hurdle would be to "Understand" why you feel this way about yourself. To do this i would recommend making a regular appointment with a counsellor...
Answered by el_richo More»
Answer:Dear Amanda, There is no easy way or magic answer to deal with your depression. Praying to God for strength is a good start, but remember, the answer...
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