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Question:What's the best weight loss programs for diabetics?

Asked by bjackson1955 on 5/6/08 3 Answers»


High Protein, low carb because all simple carbs turn to sugar in the body. When I first learned I had diabetes, I went Vegan for 8 months. In that 8 months I lost 40 pounds and gained control of my diabetic numbers. Which seems odd because Vegan is not high protein. Yet when you combine two complex carbs together you get a complete protein. There are many rich resources of protein in the vegetable world.

Answered by: TeaKozy on 7/21/08


I've just finished a book on Raw Foods. The basis of this book is that you eat nothing cooked. Nothing. Strictly fruits, vegetable and nuts. (there are certainly variations on the diet but that's the basis)
By no means is the diet easy. But in the book the woman's main reason for making the switch is her son, at a young age was on the verge of being put on insulin (the rest of her family had health problems too) and she wanted to do anything to change that! Anything. so she did some research and Raw Foods is what she came up with. Her son got to a point where he only tested his sugar levels once a day, never had anymore problems with diabetes. Her husband and daughter's health problems resolved.
Now yes this is expensive but imagine not having to buy insulin or the other drugs that are prescribed to diabetic patients. I work in a hospital and i must say Diabetes is vicious on the body in general. Imagine not paying a small fortune in doctor's bills, hospital bills etc.
We've just recently emptied our cabinets of foods that we can't eat and went out a purchased the fruits, vegetables and nuts for this diet. It's not always easy and you do get cravings but after a while you really do start to crave the foods your body needs! I've been working on crossing over to this diet and so far i've lost 8 lbs with very little exercise so it certainly does work. (I'm not saying don't exercise, i'm working on upping that too)
But i'd recommend reading the book and maybe picking up some other books on the subject. Good Luck!

note: i've also heard this diet is good for MS patients.
(don't know of any that have tried it but second hand that's what i've heard)

12 Steps to Raw Foods
Victoria Boutenko

Answered by: patience on 6/29/08


I've heard it said that eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day is a good way for diabetics to eat ... easier to control the ups and downs that way. I've also heard that "white" foods should be avoided, especially because they turn quickly to sugar, so a slice of white bread actually turns into sugar quicker than a spoonful of sugar does in your body, so avoid white bread, white rice, white potatoes ...

In general, you want to eat more vegetables, especially leafy greens and drink plenty of water.

Exercise plays a big part in keeping sugar in check as well.

Answered by: Changeling on 5/27/08
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