"Thank you for the daily encouragements. Reading and following the daily suggestions gives me a different outlook on my life. Keep doing what you're doing!" -Chris
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Paul Greene

Paul Greene

Film and television actor, model and athlete

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Audrey Slater

Audrey Slater

Fashion director at REDBOOK who has styled dozens of celebrities...

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Nick Arrojo

Nick Arrojo

Master Stylist and owner of Arrojo Studio.

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Answer:After 5 years in marriage with my husband with 2 kids, my husband started acting weird and going out with other ladies and showed me cold love, on several...
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Answer:I got braces when I turned 30 and had them on for almost two years. It was one of the best things I did for myself. I was always very uneasy about...
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Answer:I want to offer a bit of advice to anyone looking for help on how to get your Ex lover back after a breakup or divorce! Unityspelltemple@gmail.com is...
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Answer:I think I"m kind of vain in a weird way. I don't like to wear make-up or dress up on a daily basis because I like the compliments I get when I do. I...
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Answer:High Protein, low carb because all simple carbs turn to sugar in the body. When I first learned I had diabetes, I went Vegan for 8 months. In that...
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Answer:Get a haircut/add color to your wardrobe(even if the color is a necklace it works!)
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Answer:This is one that I struggle with. I seem to be stuck somewhere, not in a particular time warp, but with a particular non-look look. I had one of those...
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