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"I have a new motto now because of you: From this situation, something good will come! You're a true godsend! I thank you from the bottom of my heart." -Jamie
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Make the Next Half of Your Life the Best

Make the Next Half of Your Life the Best

You can make the second half of your life the best half! Many people spend the first 30/40 years getting ready—getting educated, trying things, establishing relationships, building careers, and so on—but then they begin to wonder. How can I have more meaning in my life? Why does this not feel good?

In a recent interview with life coach, Cynthia Freeman, I explain that the best change to make is to ask yourself, what do I now want to become? What do I want this life to be about? How can I raise the quality of my life not by fixing something, but by discovering the truth about life itself? Amazingly, when success is no longer about money, being special, or getting love and approval, your life will transform.

We also discuss the following questions:

- What changes do I see people going through now?
- What's missing in our lives and how do we find it?
- What questions do we need to be asking ourselves?
- If we're overwhelmed, how do we start?
- What holds us back from change?
- What are the clues that show up in someone who is good at making changes?

To listen to the entire interview, click here.

Posted: 8/30/10
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