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Free Book Giveaway!

Free Book Giveaway!

You're not going to believe this—my good friend, David Wood, a gifted author, has written a powerful new book that he is literally giving away. It's about how to share your passion with the world using the internet, impact lives, and get paid for it. I love it.

When I heard about it, I had to ask myself, "Why would David do this? Why would he just give away his product?"

It turns out there are two great reasons. First of all, he invites us all (without any obligation) to make a token donation to help save the rain forest or educate the world's neediest children—figuring that if he's willing to give us the book, we might give a few dollars. (But you can choose $0 if you like).

Secondly, he wants to create a huge buzz with this book, and believes that giving it away for a short time, and putting it in the hands of selected people who will create success with it, is a smart move. That's it, no catch.

Regardless, it's a great deal, and a great book. Take a look.

Can you guess what the name of the book is? Click to find out—it's very provocative, as is the content. I particularly
like how he's boiled the whole process of turning your passion into revenue down into five simple steps. This works.

And if you enjoy this offer, pass it on to your friends who are perhaps stuck in jobs they don't like, or have a dream they want to go do. Let them get a free valuable book and do some good, help them out and a charity at the same time. Here's the link again. Until books run out, happy reading...enjoy the book.

P.S. David's all about giving back and helping people pursue their dreams. I've really learned a lot from him and so can you.

Posted: 4/12/10
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