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Find Your Soul Mate with One Question

Find Your Soul Mate with One Question

If you're single, ask yourself, what are your three absolute yes's and absolute no's for a life partner? Conscious-living expert, Gay Hendricks, once asked me this question, and I saw immediately what a great tool it is for finding a good match.
If you know you can't be with someone who doesn't want kids, is unhealthy or is financially irresponsible, you'll steer clear of people who fall into these categories. And if you need to be with someone who is committed to a spiritual path, loves animals and has a great sense of humor, you'll look for these qualities.
Once you're in the throes of a new relationship, it's hard to be honest about whether your needs are being met. Reflect ahead of time on what you absolutely must have, and what you absolutely can't accept, and you're more likely to pursue the most promising relationship right from the start.
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Posted: 9/1/09
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thank you for your tip, it this is very much important in love