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"This book has helped me every day. I have read and re-read parts of the book to boost my spirits and my strength to move forward." -Linda
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The Emotion Ruling Your Life

The Emotion Ruling Your Life

People who are good at change give themselves permission to be human, including feeling whatever emotions arise. As I mentioned in a recent Inside Personal Growth podcast interview with host, L. Greg Voisen, if you want to strengthen your life force and strengthen yourself spiritually, you must start getting into your feeling body, not just your intellectual or mental body.

I think the emotion that you most resist is the one that’s ruling your life. Whatever you don’t want to feel, that’s the emotion you most need to feel. It’s your wake-up call. Life is saying, you need to get on the other side of this.

We’re so worried about feeling. We don’t want to cry, get angry, feel hurt and so on. The solution is to allow ourselves to open up the part of our hearts that, for so many of us, is locked up or frozen. By feeling our emotions fully, we can move through them to the life of our dreams.

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Posted: 8/2/09
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My biggest emotions hold back in regarding my finances. I have accomplished so much in my life but there are no monetary satisfaction to show for it. It just seem when I am about to get back on track, I have another setback and back where I started with my debt. The recent postion I accept as Front Desk Manager(Middle Manager) about six months ago turn out to be another hinderance, limited support from boss in order to be successful in my role.

I am feeling down but not sad, I just want to be above water regarding to monetary satisfaction and a great fulfillment in the corporate world. Above all God has been there to keep me going with a great attitude and blessed for what I have.

When you are around an environment that does not encourage to express your emotions it can be a challenge. Over the years, I have learn to show some emotions, also surround myself with people(Also my new man that is humble and say "I Love You" to me all the time- he say it from his heart with meaning) that encourage to express emotions. I have began to say "I love you"(something I just did not say). I was brought in my family where the word "I love you" or "emotions' was expressed.


Interesting idea. It sounds similar, yet contradictory, to a speech I heard by Richard Flint. You might want to touch base with him (Link)... he is an incredible speaker and could be a great interview. It would be interesting for me to hear how your point of view on "the impact of emotions in our lives" relates to his ....and if you both could find common ground, I would be impressed !
If nothing else, Richard provides opportunities to grow through challenging your "same old thinking".
I hope you give him a try !
d.Mark "Dave" Wheeler