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What to Do If You're Stuck

What to Do If You're Stuck

If you’re feeling totally stuck or paralyzed in the midst of a change, move. Not to a new city—get your body in motion! Stand up and stretch, go for a walk, take a spinning class, or for a double dose of positive energy, clean your house.

When you move, your life force starts flowing again and you feel empowered. Your emotions move through you, rather than staying stuck in your head. Most importantly, your energy and self-esteem improve, so you’re better able to handle stress.

We often forget to take care of ourselves when we’re wrapped up in change, but that's when we most need to focus on the S.E.E.D: Sleep, Eat, Exercise and Drink (water). Maintaining your health by getting enough sleep, eating well, drinking lots of fresh water and moving, moving, moving will give you the strength and vitality to move forward through change without getting stuck.

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Posted: 8/12/09
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thank you,

your stuff is always helpful


  • By lilmoot
  • on 8/12/09 10:37 PM EST

Great tip. Why do I always forget S.E.E.D.!! Thanks!

  • By hfinke
  • on 8/12/09 2:49 PM EST