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Clothes on a Budget

Clothes on a Budget

You’re on a tight budget, so you buy clothes at stores where paying full-price is totally reasonable. And why not? You aren’t in middle school anymore—no one actually cares what you wear or where you buy it.

The question is, are you really saving in the long run?

Cheaper items are typically made of lesser quality fabrics with even lesser quality stitching and piecing. Meaning they probably won’t hold up long, especially after repeated washings.

If an item does last, most likely you haven’t worn it much, because it went out of style.

Stores with lower price points tend to carry trendier fashions—or at least, what they think is trendy—in an attempt to emulate higher-priced retailers.

When shopping on a budget, trade multiple bargain pieces for one better-quality item. Clothing that’s made well tends to hang better on you and last a lot longer than cheaper items. Also, stick to timeless pieces that won’t go out of style quickly. Classic quality definitely beats yesterday’s knockoffs.

Posted: 3/31/09
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I totally agree with Ariane! It is always best to buy timeless classic wardrobe elements, especially when your budget is in a pinch. Spend more money for slacks, jackets and dresses. Choose quality and get the best fabric and fit possible, and if necessary, make a few alterations. This way, your investment will serve you for years to come and you wont need to spend more money for the same item next year.

Use accessories: jewelery, shoes and blouses to keep up with trends. These items are generally at a lower price point and you can afford to only use them for a season or two.

Thanks for the great tip Ariane!
Kathi Burns, CPO®,
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I am the shopper that loves nice clothes but the economy has really hit my shopping budget. I still buy nice clothes but I wait until they are on a good sale or on clearance. You can get the same quality of clothes you are use to and still pay just a fraction of what you would pay if you paid full price. Another place to go is a good quality resale place. They can have really nice quality clothes and they only take clothes in GOOD condition and sometimes they have never been worn.

  • By Reborn
  • on 3/31/09 9:04 AM EST

As someone who's recently vowed to getting away from the concept of tons of clothes and few looks. I've paired down my wardrobe to a few essentials that keep me looking good always, I found this article very informative and it answered that age old question of can I justify the price for wear factor. So now I know why those discount stores are discounted. So for me it will be quality over quantity.