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Don't Believe Everything You See

Don't Believe Everything You See

Just because a pigeon dropped dead from the sky and landed in front of you doesn’t mean something bad is going to happen today.

Clearly, you’ve been reading way too much Shakespeare.

You can make yourself downright neurotic attaching meaning to every event or superstition. Uh-oh, does the fact that I’m nervous mean the plane’s going to crash? The mall closes earlier than I thought—maybe I’m not supposed to shop today. Look out! Don’t walk under that ladder—it’s bad luck.

Either that or a can of paint might fall on your head and jolt you back to reality.

Stay open to signs, like unusual coincidences or events that seem to lead you in a certain direction, but try not to read into things too much. Most things probably happen for no other reason than that—well, it was time.

And it just happened to be the bird’s time at the exact moment he flew over your head. Nothing more, nothing less.

Posted: 2/8/09
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