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"I love the concept of the Change Muscle and being a Change Optimist. I am now open to learning the valuable lessons that my changes have brought." -Raveshree
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Unleash Your Inner Toddler

Unleash Your Inner Toddler

You’re standing in the checkout line salivating over all those succulent chocolate treats. Maybe just a little….

Uh-uh, no candy. Remember your resolution.

Mom, is that you? You whip around expectantly. No, of course not. Even when she’s not there, she is. You want that candy, and you want it now! It’s all you can do not to throw yourself on the floor, kicking and screaming.

So do it. Throw a tantrum.

Not right there in front of everyone—you are an adult, after all—but back in the car or once you get home, let it all hang out. Yell, growl, shake your fists, pummel inanimate objects—whatever it takes. Provided you aren’t hurting anyone or anything, blowing off steam provides a much-needed release for all that frustration.

If you’re surrounded by people 24/7 and can’t find a place to vent in peace, remember there’s always the bathtub. No one can hear you scream underwater.

Posted: 2/3/09
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