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Share and Share Alike

Share and Share Alike

You’re best friends. Of course you share everything—secrets, rides to work, fashion tips, you name it. But friends? That one gets a little tricky.

Things usually start off fine. You introduce one close friend to another. They get along great, you’re all having a ball until one day you run into them at your favorite hangout. Together. Without you.

Enter the ugly green monster.

Before you freak out and write them both off, remind yourself that this sort of thing goes on in preschools across the nation. New friendships are intense. Period. So don’t take the situation too personally.

The best thing you can do is ride things out for a while. By all means, bring it to their attention if they’re blatantly excluding you, but know that in most cases, they aren’t —doing it on purpose. They’re just enjoying having a new friend. You should try to be happy for them.

Okay, so maybe that’s pushing it.

Posted: 2/25/09
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