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You Giveth, You Taketh

You Giveth, You Taketh

Give, give, give. Can’t you just learn to take for a change?

If you’re the one always sacrificing time and energy for others, you’re probably feeling depleted, which means you can’t give up to your potential. It can also make you incredibly resentful, because—well, frankly, life isn’t fair.

But now let’s suppose the next time you came down with the flu, instead of pulling the ol’ I-can-take-care-of-myself routine, you said, “Please stay home and wait on me hand and foot. You can start by holding my hair back…. I think I’m going to be—.”

Without feeling all guilty about it.

Did you know you’d actually be doing everyone a favor? When you take freely, your resentment starts to dissolve, so you feel more open about giving freely—you know, without the whole Grumbelina routine. And that makes others want to give to you, and then you take freely and round it goes.

So get taking while the taking’s good.

Posted: 2/10/09
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