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Why I Haven't Had the Flu in 15 Years

Why I Haven't Had the Flu in 15 Years

I haven't had the flu in fifteen years—in part, I believe, thanks to wheatgrass. While the health benefits of this plant remain unsubstantiated, personally, I'm convinced.

In a recent interview for Kit Cooper's Quality of Life Project, which seeks to uncover the best practices for enjoying a quality-filled, balanced life, I explained that molecules of wheatgrass (chlorophyll) and molecules of human blood (hemoglobin) are structurally similar. It's basically the best blood cleanser, or detoxifier, that you can get.

Admittedly, wheatgrass can make you feel a little off, especially if you have a toxic diet or lifestyle, but the benefits are worth it. Proponents argue that, in addition to eliminating toxins, this baby grass promotes clearer thinking, revitalizes your energy level and helps fight cancer.

If I have even an inkling of something coming on, whether it's a stuffy nose or something else, the first thing I go for is a shot of wheatgrass. With this latest stretch of good health, I must be doing something right!

Listen to more clips from this interview here.

Posted: 10/1/09
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