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"Ever since I subscribed to your site the daily reminders are the only thing I read apart from email and the NY Times headlines and weather. I am hugely critical of most self-help information, but this is not what your site is. I save 1 in 2 of these and have kept a library folder. They are intelligent, concise, relevant and are pitched at exactly the right level." -Martin Chalk, CEO, Balance Water
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Special One Time Offer! Book, Free Gifts, Free Coaching with Ariane!

Special One Time Offer! Book, Free Gifts, Free Coaching with Ariane!

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The First 30 Days will take you through the most important insights known to people who are good at change. The book is full of helpful tips and stories of people successfully navigating changes in their own lives, and will leave you feeling calmer and able to look at any change differently. I invite you to become a "change optimist."

The First 30 Days is guaranteed to ignite your courage so you'll make that change you've always dreamed of or help you navigate a tough change that's come your way. The book is also a wonderful gift for anyone you know going through a change.

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Posted: 5/12/09
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i am going thru a lot of change right now ineed motivation ineed the fear of moving to be erased i want to be able to make new freinds and be happy and chande surely scares me help

  • By angel81
  • on 7/28/09 5:28 PM EST