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This Season's Must-Have Arm Accessory

This Season's Must-Have Arm Accessory

You know plastic bags are out, but you keep forgetting your tote! Follow these tips and never be bagless again.

Talk to anyone who knows anything about shopping style and they’ll tell you, this season, it’s all about canvas. Wearing plastic for groceries, health and beauty aids, home décor or anything else you can buy at your favorite shopping spot is so—well, out of style.

Surely you’ve noticed the selection of reusable bags everywhere. The next time you see them, stock up—they’re only about a buck each. Keep at least one folded in your purse or briefcase for spontaneous purchases or for when you need a hand carrying extra items. They also make great “snack bags” for long family car trips. If you want something more stylish, of course, lots of options are available (Anya Hindmarch's "I'm Not A Plastic Bag" canvas tote last year taught us nothing if that) so no excuses, please!

The hardest part is actually remembering to use them, so avoid stashing your tote out of sight (i.e., in the back of your vehicle under the camping chairs). Better to keep bags right up close and personal on the passenger seat next to you.

Tell us—are you going green in style? Are you ditching plastic bags completely? If not, what's keeping you from making that change?

Posted: 9/12/08
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I used to go to Europe about once a week..for 24 hours at a time. No one ever used the store plastic bags...you were charged for them..and think about it...we should NOT get them for free. If you owned a shop, say a grocery store, would you want to pay for all of those plastic bags? Of course not, you would have to mark up your inventory to make up for it..back then, before the Euro it was 5 marks a bag in Germany.
I am so glad we are now moving to using our own...now, let's move on to not taking a thousand napkins we don't need, too many ketchups etc....it is better for everyone all around...including the environment!
Also, the bags the stores sell stop the need for double bagging...
As for your doggie waste, kudos to you for picking up after your pet...at the Dollar Tree they have plastic disposable dirty diaper baggies you can use..there are a ton in one package...I went to pet co to check out buying bags and they charged about 12.00...ludicrous!
k.s. Portland, OR

  • By kiley99
  • on 9/15/08 8:42 PM EST

I am trying to get rid of the plastic too! I have collected a bunch of the cheapo canvas totes from different stores and keep them all in my Anya Hindmarch's "I'm Not A Plastic Bag" which I LOVE. I need to start keeping one in my handbag though for those quickie after work stops. If I do end up with a plastic bag by accident, I try to reuse it for a trash can liner or something. Also, the local animal shelter uses them as 'doggy bags' and is always in need!


I have tried to get rid of plastic bags at grocery store I frequent most but always seem to forget my tote. The store is now selling them for a buck each and I have put two in my trunk so I am always "prepared"!

  • By falczuk
  • on 9/12/08 12:24 PM EST

I've done away with plastic bags when doing grocery shopping, I'm having a hard time getting rid of 'ziploc' plastic bags to pack my children's fruit, cheerios, ham, and cheese for their lunches. Any ideas? We are using brown bags for regular sandwiches and fruit but the cold items and wet things don't work with the paper brown bags. Thanks,


I am really trying to curb my use of the dreaded plastic bag but can;t figure out what to use when I "clean up" after my wlak with my dog and best pal, Haus. Any suggestions??

Lisa and Haus