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Now I'm a Believer...

Now I'm a Believer...

I’m such a loser. I can’t do anything right. I’ll never be happy.

Certainly not, if that’s what you keep telling yourself. Thoughts are pretty powerful. We can convince ourselves of just about anything. So why do we always use them to talk ourselves into feeling bad?

Starting today, turn this negativity around. Think of something you’d like to change about yourself or accomplish and write it down as a positive statement, also known as an affirmation. An example might be, “I am smart and will make this business work,” or simply, “I deserve to be happy.” Affirmations can also help ease fear or anxiety, as in, “My family will return home safely.”

Write your affirmation down and repeat it to yourself (silently or out loud) whenever you can each day. Don’t be surprised when you start to believe it.

Learn more about affirmations and positive thinking in The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Any Life Change.

Posted: 8/31/08
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