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"I liked your article in AdAge. I have friends who need to be exposed to your writings: these may be stressful times, but they have a purpose as a catalyst for change." -Brian
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Flying High

Flying High

"Psst. Looking for a good buzz? Meet me at the corner of 5th and Main in about an hour. There’s this amazing museum a few blocks from there. You won’t believe what’s on display!"

What you see and experience affects how you feel. Seek out the things that make you happy and give you pleasure, and they’ll literally give you a good buzz—of endorphins, that is. These same feel-good neurotransmitters are released after exercise and—ahem, well you know.

If you love art, plan to visit the nearest museum. If it’s music that moves you, purchase inspiring music to keep in the car, on your iPod or anywhere else you’ll have a chance to listen to it. Do you love feeling at one with nature? Hiking, boating and camping are only some of the great ways to connect with the outdoors.

These lazy hazy days of summer are the perfect time to find what moves you and do it. So what if everything on your Saturday to-do list doesn't get done? Leave it all behind and just enjoy being you, doing what you love to do. Who knows what you'll be inspired to try next?

Posted: 7/5/08
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