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Meet Jack, Your New Assistant.

If only we all had personal assistants… someone to make sense of all those paper piles, schlep lunches back from the 12 Blocks Away Café and send birthday cards to everyone near and dear to you—on time.

And someone to blame if you forget.

While we can’t help with the filing or lunch delivery, we can show you where to get some personal assistance for the low, low price of nothing. Jackcards.com will take full responsibility for remembering the important dates in your life and send you ready-to-mail cards right on time. All you pay is the price of the cards.

Create a personal calendar, select a card for each occasion, and like magic, a ready-to-mail card—addressed and stamped, if you choose—arrives in your mailbox a week before every event. Just add your John Hancock and pop it in the mail.

You can mail it yourself, can’t you?

Posted: 6/3/08
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what a great idea. i usually pick up cards to have on hand for occasions ... the problem comes with remembering to mail them.