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Batteries, schmatteries.

You love your iPod. You’re attached at the hip. Heck, you practically sleep with the thing. So let’s see, when you two venture off into the great wild to go camping next month, your iPod will be…

Er, in the backpack rendered totally useless.

Bummer. Not that you’d need anything media-related with nature providing the entertainment. But if you did want some music, say, to help you fall asleep or distract your fellow campers when they come to blows over the last marshmallow, you’ll need to think beyond your trusty iPod.

The Baylis Ecomedia Player is powered by—get this—a hand crank, and the eMotion Solar media player derives its power from the sun. So you can power up on the go and feel good about being green.

Granted, these babies are nowhere near as sexy as iPods, but hey, in the woods, you take what you can get.

Posted: 6/2/08
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Apple always has something up it's sleeve though.....