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Sit back, relax and shop.

Stalking car-bound shoppers for parking spaces… pushing through perfume-laden crowds… discovering your favorite store doesn’t have your size again… O mighty retail gods, there must be an easier way.

Listen closely, shopper. The answer lies in the words of the sales clerk.

Try online.

Sit down at your computer and start clicking. Shopping has never been easier, and you’ll even find exclusive merchandise and deals. Add free shipping—offered by many sites with a minimum purchase—and you’ve hit the jackpot.

The downside is, you can’t try anything on. To minimize returns, stick to brands that fit you well. Of course, for some items, it’s easier to go to a store.

To protect yourself, try to buy from well-known retailers, research unfamiliar companies before giving them your credit card number and look for the lock symbol (indicating a secure transaction) on the bottom right of your web browser.

Otherwise, shop on.

Posted: 5/30/08
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